Quickly Hide CSS on a SharePoint Page

ScreenShot of hiding SharePoint Items with a CSS Builder

Ever wish you could just make the top links disappear? Maybe kill the quick launch or the top navigation? How do you hide the global bread crumb, the site actions tab or the my links tag?

This site at http://sharepointcanvas.com allows you to uncheck all the elements you don’t want on your page then it will print out the css for you. Just copy and paste the css in a content editor web part or master page an viola! All you unchecked items are hidden from view.


14 Responses to Quickly Hide CSS on a SharePoint Page

  1. Dan says:

    This is simply awesome. Thanks for a great tool!

  2. Pedro says:

    Aha! SharePoint sites looking less sharepointy!
    Very well done. Thanks

  3. Charlie Epes says:

    Fabulous! Thanks-

    Charlie Epes
    Buffalo, NY

  4. Rod says:

    This is just awesome.

  5. BoiseGuy says:

    thank you VERY much. Awesome tool to use. @leegaupp is grateful

  6. Theo says:


  7. Owen says:


  8. Glenn R says:

    Awesome tool. Thank you. One note, I did get a blue frame around the main area, even when applying all the checkboxes. I added .ms-bodyareaframe {border:0;} and that got rid of it. That gave me a truly blank palatte. Thanks again!

  9. Mike says:

    Well done. Great time saver. I had a bit of problem rendering your page in ie7 tho. Works great in Chrome.

  10. Kerri says:

    Wonderful! This is absolutely fabulous! Thanks a million~

  11. Simon says:

    Hi – this tool looks great. It appears to be for MOSS 2007. Do you have any plans for a SharePoint 2010 version?

  12. wyly says:

    Good thought. It is a lot of work to document the new styles but very worth it. I will post when I get a chance to do it.


  13. Larry says:

    Great Tool! Thanks for all the hard work. I was searching for an easy way to do this… couldn’t be easier. Awesome. One issue… I’m having some issues with SP2010 resetting the main page every time I go back to it. Any thoughts?

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